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To The Manor Born: Luxe Heritage for AW12 Menswear | Jamie Tuohy

Slightly bohemian and intensely colourful, with plenty of old school charm and classicism. No, I am not describing somebody in insanely sycophantic terms, but rather, I am trying to elucidate the biggest trend in menswear for AW12. For the coming months, men’s fashion is all about the countryside. However it’s a very specific countryside – it’s the kind of place where men call each other ‘chaps’ and go ‘clay-pigeon shooting ole boy’. It’s a place where families use the seasons as verbs and drive through the mud in Land Rovers. The English country gent is the look of the season for autumn/winter, with everyone from Missoni to Burberry sending models down the catwalk in tweed and knitwear.

Immediately, it sounds like an esoteric trend, merely accessible to people who “summer in the country cottage by the lake”, but for 2012, the look has been given an update – think Prince Charles meets Tinie Tempah, via David Gandy. The catwalks were awash with knitted turtlenecks, three-piece suits and velvet jackets. When our Orlebar Browns have hardly had time to get wet in the pool, it seems strange to be talking about autumnal trends, but fashion moves quickly and menswear is doing its best to offer us gents all the cosy comforts we could possibly need.

Knitwear is a huge part of the English gent trend. Even the classic three-piece suit which is huge this season (especially in pinstripe) was seen wrapped with knitted scarfs or covered with a jumper. Missoni championed this style, with their signature patterns emblazoned on many nonchalant and oversized jumpers. And when it comes to knitwear, nonchalance is paramount. The louder and baggier – the better! I’m terming this nouveau country gent and anything goes for AW12. Orley is a new menswear brand, specialising in innovative knitwear and their designs are a brilliant way to pay homage to the trend without looking like a wannabe aristocrat. They’re bright and quirky, with just the right amount of eccentricity.

Sarah Burton gave a master-class in this look for Alexander McQueen with velvet suits, cashmere overcoats and double-breasted dinner jackets punctuating the Fall collection and while her pieces may veer nearer to performance costumes for most guys, we can definitely learn from her template. Christopher Bailey at Burberry Prorsum offered more wearable looks with slim-fit grey suits and traditional quilted jackets characterizing his collection.

Everything about menswear for AW12 is luxe heritage – sophisticated, yet traditional and practical. Colour is vital, and Bailey demonstrated perfectly how to incorporate colour into the look, be it through gloves, an umbrella, hats or knitwear. The English country gent look became typecast for the past number of years, but it’s no longer a dated and elitist style. For AW12, it’s bright and fun, with the perfect amount of indulgence.

Check out some catwalk looks:






Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen


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Cheryl soliders on after car crash | Jamie Tuohy

Pop princess Cheryl Cole was doing the rounds of interviews this morning, just hours after jetting in from LA, where she was involved in a car crash with rapper friend and manager Will.i.am.

Cheryl only returned from Los Angeles 36 hours before, but the Geordie singer wasted no time in hitting the promotional tour for her new single Under the Sun.

She joined Capital Breakfast hosts Lisa Snowdown and Dave Berry, wearing a sling after her accident and took the opportunity to shed some light on the car crash.

Telling Berry that she only had to wear the sling for three days, Cheryl put the initial shock of the crash behind her and joked that Will.i.am was to blame for the whole thing.

‘He’s a bad talker. He was talking the face off us,’ she said. ‘He was talking about Nasa and Mars.’

Cheryl was referring to the fact that Will.i.am’s single Reach For The Stars was recently beamed back to earth from Mars. She said that his motor mouth ways caused the Black Eyed Peas rapper to drive his Cadillac into the back of a parked car, as both he and Cheryl emerged from McDonalds.

Cheryl was left bloodied and in tears after the accident, due to the fact that her air bag never opened when the collision occurred, causing her to hit the dashboard full force, resulting in whiplash.

Both she and Will.i.am quickly took to Twitter to reassure fans that they were perfectly fine after the incident and Cheryl revealed to Fearne Cotton today that she’s looking to the future and is excited for Girls Aloud’s ten year anniversary in November.

What a trooper!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Renew Their Wedding Vows on Their 1st Anniversary-Party
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In Defence of the Kardashians | Jamie Tuohy

A number of years ago, Kris Jenner had the foresight and ambition to pitch an idea for a new reality show to Ryan Seacrest. It would involve cameras following her family around on a daily basis, giving viewers an insight into the pandemonium that exists within their household. It was snapped up and was to be called Keeping up with the Kardashians. And the rest, as they say, is history…

The Kardashians – a name, a brand, an empire, and often forgotten, a family. The modern day Brady bunch, who; through frenetic exercises in alliteration, cunning opportunism and unapologetic capitalism, have become media powerhouses, who protect and expand their brand very karefully. Whether you view them as deplorable testaments to anti-intellectualism, or as canny marketers who really are a loving family, behind all the drama; Kris, Bruce, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Rob, Kendall and Kylie are undoubtedly one of the most famous families in the world. Love them or loathe them, admire them or despise them, the Kardashians are an inescapable presence in twenty-first century popular culture, dominating the media world with tales of bust-ups, break ups and general sensationalism. 

Whether or not you Keep up with the Kardashians is a personal choice, but I for one, have spotted a family who has taken every opportunity that has come their way, advertising, promoting and selling everything from clothing to incontinence pads, all the while, embodying commercialism for all its gilded virtues, and you know what? I say why not?! And thus begins my defence of the Kardashians.

Kim and Co. have had every insult under the sun hurled at them – being verbally chastised by a world in which everyone is a critic goes hand in hand with being a Kardashian. Few onlookers will say that this family are twenty-first century role models, but instead claim that they are vile exemplars of the American Dream gone horribly wrong. For the most part, they’ll be viewed as a family, who have cashed in on the back of their daughter’s sex-tape and exist as definitive personas of immorality and classless vulgarity, showing no shame when it comes to making a dime. You blot your copy book once, eh?

Yes, everyone knows Kim had a sex tape, and everyone knows the infamous reality TV show that she and her family star in is a perceptible capitalisation on that. But what’s a girl to do? Live her life in shame and regret, refusing the opportunities that come her way? The Kardashian family, undoubtedly under the guidance of matriarch Kris Jenner decided to let the cameras into their lives and for the most part, their fame has been achieved by parading their private lives on screen for millions of viewers to see and squirm at. But that’s the thing – the viewers really are in their millions, squirming or otherwise. 

It’s because, behind it all, there’s something endearing about this family – the hilarious ‘airy fairy-ness’ of them, the mother who will do anything and fight anyone for her children, or the constructed moral that is taught in each episode – ‘don’t get Botox, don’t smoke, don’t drink underage, don’t go to Vegas for a tattoo without your parents’ consent, give back to charity and appreciate your blessings etc.’. Does the fact that Kim and her family let the cameras film their daily lives for a few months a year make them ‘cheap’, ‘vile’ and the butt of even more absurd profanity? If they’re ‘famous for being famous’, it’s because we have created them and made them popular.

From a sociological perspective, any one person or individual cannot be studied in complete isolation, but rather, has to be viewed and considered in terms of their cultural background and the society that created the Kardashians, is the very one that lays judgement on them. Without sounding Freudian or facetious, one could argue that the sole reason anyone speaks negatively of someone else is because they recognise in that person the qualities they so despise in their deeper self. And if I can borrow from Sigmund Freud once more, it’s likely that these characteristics are repressed within their own consciousness, so the disgust that is felt for Kim’s apparent disrespect for matrimony, could very well be a manifestation of one’s own ambivalence towards marriage. Kim says she is an idealist and believed in the fairy-tale – the general consensus is that her 72-day marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries was one of convenience, constructed  to add cash and further acknowledgement to the alliterative family empire.

I am in no way saying that every single person who loathes what this family stand for are simply subconsciously criticizing themselves, but equally, I’m not saying that a family whose recognition is the subject of much debate should be so grossly defiled and admonished. But if they stand for all that is wrong with the twenty-first century (which I don’t think they do), then we can only blame ourselves for letting Keeping up with the Kardashians become the most-watched reality TV show in the world. Whether we watch or not, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are still going to continue in the fashion business and momager Kris will still manage her family’s affairs. Nobody is expecting them to change the world or lead us out of the global economic crisis – their show exists as entertainment and they are recognised figures within that epoch. If you don’t like it, don’t watch, don’t comment on the copious amounts of articles written about them and don’t waste your time spewing vitriol onto online forums, championing the ‘fall’ of the family or urging that their show be axed. If it’s not being talked about or watched, it will be axed, don’t worry – you can break the circle by biting your tongue. 

From reading online comments about the family’s main breadwinner, Kim, the main issue with her seems to be her capitulation to the patriarchy. That is to say that she has made her living through gaining the lustful affections of men and setting the Feminist Movement back decades with her conceding of the sexual objectification of women. Don’t get me wrong, I very much doubt that Kim Kardashian, or any of her sisters for that matter, would be half as rich or famous as they are now, if they didn’t trade, on some part, on their looks. But equally, I don’t think that they would have been as successful as they are without some canny calculation behind the beauty.

I think the Kardashian girls are pseudo feminists – yes, they have, in many ways, sacrificed themselves on the altar of the patriarchy and used their personal lives as monetary vehicles, but the patriarchy in which they operate, is ultimately one in which they exert dominative control. If everyone steps down from the moral high ground and emerges from the ivory tower, the majority of us would admit that if we could make $10,000 for sending a tweet, we’d do it. But Kim is ridiculed and abhorred internationally for doing so.

Some critics have even said that they are a twenty-first century role model of a stable family unit. I agree. The problem is that people fear that their children are looking up to this family and seeing the glitz and glamour of pampered celebrity and thinking that their kind of fame is accessible and more worryingly, aspirational. Make a sex tape, become involved in a sensational scandal and become famous right? If the Kardashians were nothing more than ‘media whores’, their time in the spotlight would have been incredibly shorter. Think of Paris Hilton, whose path to fame was identical to Kim Kardashian’s – but her 15 minutes have well and truly passed and the pampered heiress has virtually faded into oblivion. This is a family who has the business savvy to back up their seemingly ‘vacuous celebrity.’

Barabara Walters asked Kim, Kourtney and Khloe how they’ve come so far with no discernible talents to qualify their fame.  But the reality is that these sisters are famous because they are celebrity entrepreneurs, they were in the fashion business long before their television show hit our screens. Keeping up with the Kardashians is an entertainment show, nothing more, nothing less.  And the reality show is only the half of it. Their mother Kris Jenner has said that thanks to the show, these girls have been able to create an expansive and multi-million dollar fashion empire. Camilla Long, the Sunday Times columnist recently caused controversy when she said that Kim Kardashian was a better role model for young girls than Kate Middleton. She argued that Kim’s hard-working business etiquette was a better exemplar for young girls than Kate’s prim and proper educated background, saying,

“Sure’, the girls of St Mary’s, Calne, can be taught to impersonate the Duchess of Cambridge for fees of £30,000 a year, but is not hard-working Kim a better role model?”

And you know what? I’m not far behind Long’s appraisal. If these sisters were simply ‘famous for being famous’ or talentless bimbos, then any three sisters from Los Angeles could achieve what they have achieved, any celebrity who has made a sex tape could become the highest earning reality TV star of all time. But this has only happened to one family – The Kardashians. It has been stated that this family represent all that is wrong with Western society – from crass ostentation to loose morality. However, I see a family who are genius ambassadors for twenty-first century marketing. In all honesty, if I wanted a lesson in social media marketing, it’s to Kim Kardashian I would go to and not a Harvard business school. Anybody can have their 15 minutes, but few could sustain them in such a fashion as this family has.

Reality television in general is not something that I’m a huge fan of – Big Brother, while initially, was an interesting sociological experiment; has turned into a classless freak show for fame hungry wannabes. I’ve never watched Jersey Shore, but I think the old adage of not judging a book by its cover can be waivered in this case. The cover looks tatty and cheap. I’d be shocked if its contents were dissimilar. I can see why the Kardashians are ridiculed for being the agent provocateurs to the ‘dumbing down of civilisation’ and the dawning of a new type of worthless celebrity, but I think this is a misinformed judgement.

Unlike other reality TV shows, theirs is one in which lessons are taught and morals are preached. They may just be for the cameras, but at least the Kardashians osmotic influence is being put to good use and possibly being absorbed by impressionable youths. Make no bones about it, there are certainly more wholesome and suitable role models existing in popular culture today than the Kardashian brood, and say what you want about them, I for one think that they are an incredibly clever family, who despite what everyone believes, rely on brains as well as beauty. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have an amassed Twitter following of over 30,000,000 users and they know exactly how to use them to further establish their brand. If they didn’t manipulate this fact, they’d be idiots. I would do the exact same thing! But I’m not trying to convince anyone to support the Kardashian brand or change their opinion of them – this family are doing fine as they are.

It boils down to this: if the Kardashians are not your kup of tea, then don’t switch on their kettle. They are a fascinating study in the sociology of fame and you can accuse them of mistaking their family for a brand, but I’d shake their hands for having the drive, determination and ruthlessness to dominate modern-day popular culture. Long live the Kardashians!

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An interview with international photographer Francesco Sapienza | Jamie Tuohy

International photographer Francesco Sapienza

When the immensely talented Maria Martinez, of Robert Chambers on Grafton Street, Dublin and thecitycoiffure.com asked me if I’d be interested in engaging in some follicular exploits in the form of the innovative psychobilly haircut, I instantly jumped at the opportunity. Likewise, when she asked me if I’d consider having my picture taken with the new style, by international photographer Francesco Sapienza, my answer was an expeditious YES!

Francesco Sapienza is a multi-faceted and exceptionally talented photographer, who was born in Rome and educated at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, and as well at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. After branching out from his initial profession as an engineer, Sapienza soon found himself published in prestigious publications such as The New York Times and has gone on to photograph everyone from musicians to Oscar winners.

Francesco is in Dublin for the opening of his bother Alex’s photography studio (where I met him) in South William St. and he kindly gave this interview: be warned, his words WILL inspire you to get up, realise your ambition and ACHIEVE IT.

Yours truly, shot by Francesco Sapienza

Francesco, how did you first become involved with the art of photography?

It all started some 20 years ago when I got a camera from my father and I shot a few rolls. While shooting was fun, I found the entire process rather slow and time consuming – from actually taking the picture to eventually seeing the finished product. I was restless and I quit. But then in 2004, I ended up going into a photo store for no apparent reason and ended up buying a digital SLR. It reignited my initial passion for the craft and this is when I really started taking pictures. Then in 2005, I realised that I had a long harboured dream to become a professional photographer.

You were working as a successful engineer before you became a photographer, is that right?

Yes! From a very young age, I was always fascinated with disassembly. If something could be taken apart and reconstructed or reworked in some way, I relished it. So I went to university to study electrical engineering and I obtained my Masters from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, although I studied for the first three years at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. My major was Radio Communications and during my 10-year career I became one of the major experts in the world in mobile communication systems, in particular 3G and 4G. When I rekindled my interest in photography, I started taking on assignments, but most of them would need to be completed during business hours, so I would take vacation from work to carry out my photography assignments. It sounds crazy, but before I knew it, my photography career took off and I was able to leave my old job and become a professional photographer. It was a dream come true.

There must have been tough times as you were making the transition and establishing yourself as a photographer? What kept you going?

There were, but knowing that we only get one life and we should try and do what we love is the number one motivational argument. You know, very often we chase the wrong things in life, and things pass us by. Having dreams is so important and when those dreams are recognised and pursed, it makes the world a greater place.

Does your background as an engineer help you as a photographer?

Oh immensely. You know, my first career was great. I got to travel around the globe and train thousands of people on how to build their mobile networks. However, it was always ‘just a job.’ In saying that, it allowed me to develop so many transferrable skills that I can call on as a photographer. It gave me a lot in terms of business experience and I learned invaluable presentation skills. As a photographer, you are running your own business and at the end of the day, it has to be profitable. Otherwise it doesn’t work. It’s the same with technology. Any technology that aspires to become popular needs to have a strong business case behind it. If it doesn’t, it’s irrelevant. This is especially true for photographers who want to make a living out of their art.

So, as a photographer, you have to be able to do more than just ‘take a good picture’?

Absolutely! Being a photographer is not only about being very good at taking pictures. Taking pictures is a small part of the entire profession. As a photographer, you have to be a 360˚ professional. You need to be good with people, numbers, marketing, sales, networking and so forth. It’s a multi-disciplinary career.

You are here in Dublin for the opening of your Brother Alex’s new photography studio. What do you think of his idea?

Alex is an amazing cameraman and photographer and he is very passionate about the history of photography and its origins some 200 years ago. One of the techniques he’s going to offer his clients goes back to the middle of the 19th century and is called tintype photography. The medium he uses for capturing the image is a glass or metal plate that is dipped into a photosensitive solution of chemicals and then put in the camera for taking the picture. The development takes only few minutes and the plate is ready with the image on top. One of the beautiful aspects of the entire idea is that the plate is the real picture that the client brings home and it is totally unique.

You’re based in New York now, what is it about New York that you love?

New York is incomparable. Every day, you are constantly exposed to such a large variety of people, cultures, languages, styles, etc. It is also very challenging, but I believe the moment our mind stops being challenged we are in trouble. The moment we don’t feel the need to be stimulated and put to the test, we stop living. I love this quote from Pema Chödrön: “To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” Also, in New York nobody cares about what you look like – it’s totally accepting and completely refreshing.

It’s a city that offers culture in abundance. It must be a fantastic mood board for a photographer?

It really is. One thing I absolutely adore about New York is how, in late afternoon, the sunlight illuminates the city from the West side. There’s usually a thin layer of clouds that makes that light unbelievably warm. It creates a glow around anything that is exposed to it. It’s like a fairy-tale.

What do you like most about your job? 

Always being in close interaction with a lot of different people and constantly being exposed to a lot of creativity, which in turn boosts my own creativity. I love the communication that takes place between the photographer and the subject and how that is reflected in an image. I love the sensation that I get when I suddenly visualize an image in my mind and the great excitement of trying to re-create that image through a photograph. The most amazing thing about taking pictures is that my focus is incredibly steady and my restless mind never wanders. It’s an incredible feeling that I can only compare to practicing meditation, which I regularly do.
Also, I’m a pretty shy person (although most people don’t perceive me that way) and staying behind the camera allows me to stay hidden and protected, but if you look closer, you see my soul in each picture, one way or another. I agree with what Oscar Wilde said: “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.”

Finally what advice would you give to people who are chasing their dream? Not just photographers – but anyone who is working towards something they love?

Find what you love for real, what you are passionate about and pursue it wholeheartedly. I believe the obstacles you encounter along the way are like checkpoints. They are there to show you how much you really care about what you are doing. Sometimes, you need to be tested to prove this. Also, don’t be afraid to change your mind. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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Got £100 million to spare? Fancy this house? | Jamie Tuohy

Feast your eyes on this palatial mansion – a £100 million sprawling London home that has just been put on the market as Britain’s most expensive home.

Heath Hall was built in 1910 for William Park Lyle of the Tate & Lyle family, and is located on The Bishops’ Avenue, a super-exclusive road in Hampstead.

After falling into disrepair in the 50s, it was bought by a property tycoon in 2006 and following an investment of £40 million in the stunning home, he has now decided to sell the property.

If you have £100 million to spare (and you’re reading my blog? Can I just have a shameless handout? WOW), then Heath Hall offers the unique quality of being a country home in the heart of the city.

There’s just one more thing – stamp duty costs £7 million a year, oh yeah, and if you manage to get a chance to view the house – you’ll have to pay £2,000 for a brochure.

There’s no denying it’s a stunning house and maybe I’m just being picky, but would anyone else think that for £100 million, having a relatively pokey garden with neighbours looking in over your fence, is a bit RICH?

one d
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One Direction’s new single makes history before it’s even released | Jamie Tuohy

With the deactivation and reactivation of a certain member’s Twitter account, and the announcement that their new single “Live While We’re Young” will be available to pre-order from midnight tonight (August 24), One Direction have had a busy few days. Poor souls. However, it’s just got a whole lot more exciting.

At this stage, the 1D boys know a thing or two about breaking a few world records, but surely they’ll be impressed with themselves when they find out that their aforementioned new single, has become the FASTEST SELLING PRE-ORDER OF ALL TIME.

Those Directioners are a dedicated bunch and have sent the boys’ impending single into the stratosphere, by making it No. 1 in more than forty countries – and all this without even hearing the song played on radio.

The song, which will be released on September 30, was penned by Savan Kotecha, Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk (the team behind “What Makes You Beautiful”) and has been described as “pop perfection – an immediate, energy packed song mixing rock undertones with smooth harmonies, about living for the moment”.

Lisa Cannon and Karen Koster
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TV3 launches its broadest schedule yet | Jamie Tuohy

TV3 launched their autumn schedule today in Dublin’s Lighthouse cinema, and it promises to be its broadest and most diverse yet. However, what’s got everyone talking is a new show entitled Deception – the channel’s first ever homemade drama series.

The series cost €1.2 million to make and is a six-part tale of post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. Starring Leigh Arnold, Jim Norton, Conor Mullen and Vincent Walsh, Deception is set in Galway and is about six families who all hide a secret from each other, with murder lurking over the entire plot.

The coming autumn schedule will see the terrestrial channel showcasing 50 new programmes and 80 returning series, with a budget of €20 million for the year.

As well as Deception, TV3 have commissioned a new six-part comedy called On the Couch which is about three couples embarking on couples’ counselling. It promises to tell another story of contemporary Ireland and will star Barbara Bergin and Gary Cooke of Après Match fame.

According to the TV3 website, this season also includes ‘Tallafornia 2 (this time set in Santa Ponsa, Spain), Celebrity Salon 3, Alan Hughes Family Fortunes, Irish Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Battle of the Bridesmaids and the anticipated return of the Dublin Wives.’

The station’s flagship shows such as Ireland AM, Xposé, The Morning Show, Midweek, Midday and Tonight with Vincent Browne will all be retuning for the autumn months, however the Irish Apprentice has been axed. The eagerly anticipated remake of Dallas will also be shown on TV3.

TV3′s Director of Programming Ben Frow said: “For the first time ever we have home produced content across all genres and I think this makes it our most interesting autumn ever. You need to have new pieces in the mix that will surprise, challenge and excite the viewer – and demonstrate that TV3 is constantly growing and evolving as a channel. TV3′s 2012 schedule is entirely viewer led and designed to entertain the viewers at home.”

Check out some pics from the launch below:

The gorgeous Rosanna Davison with Irish style powerhouse Celia Holman Lee

Xposé girls: Glenda Gilson, Kirsteen O’Sullivan, Karen Koster and Lisa Cannon

TV3′s class of 2012

Dublin Housewives stars Roz Flanagan and Virginia Macari

Lisa Cannon and Karen Koster

revenge cover 1
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What I expect from Season 2 of Revenge | Jamie Tuohy

Here in Ireland, our national broadcaster has been showing the US hit drama Revenge at a steady and relatively speedy pace, with a double bill of retributive drama adorning our screens every Tuesday night. However, my appetite for its vengeful offerings was far greater than RTE’s weekly screening, so I decided to step out of the cave and enter the 21st century by watching the rest of the series online. How conformist of me.

I finally finished watching season 1 last night and Emily’s thorny (I promise you, I only realised after typing that word, what a beautiful pun it is – it really wasn’t intended) quest for justice looks set to continue into the series’ sophomore season. Now, rather than letting my excitement for the imminent series turn this post into a frenetic exercise in alliteration or a demonstration of my spontaneous word play, I’ve decided to cut straight to the chase, and follow the instructions of my blog’s name. More matter and less art, please Jamie.

Okay, there is no need to state just how brilliant and thrilling Mike Kelley’s Revenge is, and it’s safe to say that the season finale has whetted the appetites of millions of fans around the world.  However, mine has not just been whetted, but sharpened and seasoned with such zeal, that I’ve decided to foreshadow what’s in store for the Hamptons’ most beautiful people. (I think my affiliation for hyperbole could serve me well in Victoria’s inner circle). Here it is:


Season 2 will be opening with a wedding:

Mike Kelley has revealed that Season 2 will premiere with a wedding. I am hoping that the forthcoming nuptials will be those of my favourite opportunist, Ashley Davenport and ‘heir to the throne’, Daniel Grayson. Ashley has been Victoria’s lackey for long enough and I want to see her impeccable social climbing culminate in a Hamptons’ marriage. Hopefully she’ll get Daniel so drunk that he’ll marry her without being conscious of what he’s letting himself in for. I really hope that the creators of the show don’t make the wedding episode obvious by letting Jack and Amanda get married. We don’t want to see love (or a close second to love – we know Jack loves Emily more than Amanda), we want to see falsity and insincerity, created through marriages of convenience. Ashley and Daniel over Jack and Amanda, please!


Death and Victoria:

Victoria CANNOT die. Her ability to fight with Conrad in such a beautifully articulate and eloquent manner has me idolising this grammatically correct piece of perfection. Victoria is immortal. Such genius will never die. I predict that Victoria will be alive and well and will resurface in episode 2, which is appropriately entitled “Resurrection”. Victoria will probably have been smart enough to get off the plane before it takes off – perhaps a flashback to Conrad’s final words, in which he told her if she got on the plane, it will be the last thing she does will serve as the agent provocateur. However, I don’t expect Lydia to be as forward thinking and if anyone dies, IT WILL BE LYDIA.


Charlotte won’t die:

I don’t think Charlotte will die from an overdose. The early episodes of season 2 should see Charlotte in a hospital, after her ‘father’ Conrad made the 911 call. I also think that someone will discover Emily’s true identity and I think Charlotte is the only Grayson who has the true propensity for goodness, therefore I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if it were Charlotte who discovers just exactly who Emily Thorne is – and keeps her secret.


Emily will suffer at the hands of Takeda:

Nolan warned Emily to watch her back when it came to disobeying Takeda, so I’ve no doubt that he will resurface in a menacing manner to say the least. In the teaser clip for season 2, we are shown Emily tied to a wooden post under water and I’m 90% convinced that Takeda has something to do with this. Whether it’s a test of endurance for his protégée, or an act of villainy on his part, I’m undecided yet. Thoughts?


Ashley will have learned a thing or two from Victoria:

Whether or not Ashley marries Daniel is open for debate, but I definitely think these two will be an item in some shape or form in season 2. I think that we’ll see Daniel getting his hands dirtier at Grayson Global and I’m sure that Ashley will have a major part to play in it all.

The Loose Ends:

Here are a few certainties (well, I think so anyway).

Emily’s quest will extend beyond the Graysons in season 2. She’ll seek vengeance on a much larger scale, incorporating and undoubtedly trying to bring down the Americon Initiative which was mentioned in season 1’s finale. I think this will have some link to the clip shown in the teaser, as she appears to grapple with unknown forces. Of course, these could also be figures from Emily’s past.

Amanda is most certainly not pregnant with Jack’s baby. I think Takeda might be the father. He needed Emily to be emotionally uninvolved, especially with Jack. By getting Amanda pregnant and having her return, he knew Jack would do the honourable thing and stick with the girl who is apparently expecting his child. Too crazy?

I think the Grayson family will be extended – we’ll learn more about Victoria’s family and all about her past as Viccy Harper. Similarly, Conrad’s family before his marriage to Victoria should make an appearance.


Woah! That’s it guys! What do you all think? Do you agree with them? Or are you completely and utterly diametrically opposed to them? Tell me. I love all this ‘revengey’ stuff.

anderson and kelly
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Kelly Ripa says Anderson Cooper is her “dream” co-host | Jamie Tuohy

Kelly Ripa will announce her new permanent co-host for “Live! With Kelly” on Septemeber 4, after having a staggering 59 temporary co-hosts since Regis Philbin left the show in 2011. However, Ripa hasn’t been shy in naming who her dream co-host would be.

Speaking to US Weekly, the 41-year-old presenter has said that her ideal presenting partner would be Anderson Cooper.

“We have a connection like nobody else,” Ripa told the magazine. “I worship him!”

However, she confessed that her dream may be slightly far-fetched; as Anderson’s increasingly hectic work schedule would make it near impossible for him to accept the position.

The sophomore season of Anderson Cooper’s eponymously titled, syndicated talkshow will begin on September 10, and as well as that, he has his CNN duties to carry out, so adding another presenting spot on top of those would prove difficult.

Jerry Seinfeld, Neil Patrick Harris, Cat Deeley and Kim Kardashian have all filled in as guest hosts on “Live! With Kelly” and there has been much speculation about who will get the job, with most reports suggesting New York Giants star Michael Strahan take his place next to Kelly on the famous high stool.

However, Ripa, who was recently spotted holidaying with Anderson Cooper has insisted that that even if the pair aren’t working together on this show, they are “destined” to work together on something else in the future.

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Scentsational: My Top 4 Fragrances | Jamie Tuohy

Guys, I kid you not – it has been scientifically proven that when it comes to initial attraction, how you smell is more important than how you look, or what you wear! Attractiveness is hugely influenced by smell, just think of a certain American store beginning with ‘H’, which covers its shop floor in its signature cologne, luring eager shoppers into parting with their cash. Wearing the right aftershave not only makes you more physically appealing, but it also boosts your confidence. From the perfect office aroma to the ideal date-night scent, the fragrances you are about to encounter cover all bases. Go forth and spray…



CHANEL Allure Homme Sport

Infused with mandarin, orange, cedar and neroli, this cologne is instantly recognisable and is my favourite from Chanel. Its citrus opening lasts for hours, making it perfect for the summer months ahead, but its freshness also makes it a scent for all seasons. As the day goes on it morphs into a sweet, velvety, fruity fragrance that offers excellent longevity from the first spray. If there’s one aftershave every guy should have – it’s this one, as it’s perfect for both day and night.

Powerful. Masculine. Unforgettable. Sport has never been so luxurious!



This is one of my favourite fragrances for a night out. The fantastic thing about Armani Code is that it really kicks in an hour or two after applying it, meaning you smell better and better as the night goes on! This is a modern take on the classic male aftershave of woods and leathers, as the lemon and bergamot infusions give this scent a light and youthful twist. A.C. is fail-safe gift idea for any man; I’ve gone through countless bottles after developing an unhealthy addiction to this Armani dream.



Incredibly fruity, sensually spicy and all round incredible cologne, this D&G fragrance has become a classic of the Italian fashion house. The first time you spray The One, you’ll immediately notice its tropical aroma, with ginger and cocoa undertones. This is a great day scent and the only criticism I have is that it doesn’t last quite as long as Chanel. However, that doesn’t take away from its strikingly unique combination of smells, which create a modern and masculine aftershave that will be sure to get you noticed, wherever you are!



This was one of the first fragrances I have bought and it’s remained a staple of mine ever since. Hugo is what I would call an ‘everything aftershave’ – it’s one that you can wear to any event, with all of the ingredients to make it classic yet edgy and sophisticated yet masculine. This is a distinct scent and one that asserts its uniqueness without making any apologies or offering any restraint. For me, the base notes of fir balsam, cedarwood and patchouli are the aftershave’s high points – emanating slowly to give this fragrance longevity and staying power. In its uber cool military-like hip flask, Hugo by Hugo Boss has become an iconic cologne and is a necessity for every man.