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Gary Lucy’s Character will Cause Trouble Between Christian and Syed in Eastenders | Jamie Tuohy

Remember when I told you guys that Gary Lucy would be joining the cast of Eastenders, but details about his character hadnโ€™t been revealed?

Well, it has been confirmed that Lucy, who was expected to be a womanising lothario, will instead cause a stir between Christian and Syed, as Walfordโ€™s latest gay character.

An Eastenders insider said, “All the girls think he’s a real ladies’ man. But they’re disappointed when it turns out he’s not interested in women.

“He’ll ruffle a few feathers and Christian and Syed’s relationship will be tested.”

The former Footballersโ€™ Wives actor will be playing city banker Danny Pennant in the soap and a spokesperson for the show has said that he will “inevitably create controversial encounters and his provocative and lustful nature is bound to land him in trouble.”

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