Why did the media fail L’Wren Scott?

I like travelling on trains by myself because put quite simply, I like eavesdropping. You hear and see some great stuff when you can’t move for three or so hours. Granted, I could read or do some productive work, but I find the bustling activity on the carriage too distracting, and, if truth be told, entertaining. However, during this morning’s journey, I heard a young boy, who couldn’t have been any more than seven or eight, ask a woman, who I’m presuming to be his mother, if “you have to be a woman to be a feminist?” (Her answer was a wholehearted “NO!”, by the way) and while I don’t know what prompted the wonderful question, at the time I was reading this article from New York magazine on the sexist reporting of the designer and former model, L’Wren Scott’s death and both instances collided and struck a chord.

On Monday, 17 March, news broke of L’Wren Scott’s tragic death and within minutes of the announcement of her passing, various social media platforms exploded with outpourings of grief, sympathy and unfortunately, terribly-sexist reporting on the designer’s then-suspected suicide. “Mick Jagger’s girlfriend found dead” was the general headline du jour that was being peddled, with the majority of reports primarily referring to L’Wren as the girlfriend of Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. Few took into account Scott’s immensely successful career as a fashion designer and model and those that did, did so almost fleetingly in the shadows of branding her as being not much more than someone’s girlfriend. Of course, soon came touching and poignant tributes from magazine editors, colleagues and friends, but the initial news of L’Wren Scott’s death was abominably reported, largely ignorant of the fact that L’Wren was talented and accomplished above all else. 

The media’s failing of Scott is all the more tragic given that all she ever wanted was to be viewed on her own merits and achievements, rather than as a statuesque trophy girlfriend of a world-famous singer. Allison P Davis recalls a 2008 interview with New York magazine whereby L’Wren says, “I just want to be known for what I do, not who I know” and then references a 2013 interview with The London Times, in which the designer declared, “I’m a fashion designer. I don’t want to be known as someone’s girlfriend.” L’Wren rose to fame first as a model in Paris for the likes of Thierry Mugler and Chanel, then delving into work as a stylist, before finally finding her calling as a designer, dressing stars such as Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie for the most prestigious of red carpet events. The media coverage of her death couldn’t have been further from what Scott strove for and it begs the question, how, in the twenty-first century can there exist such nonchalant sexism and sheer ignorance? Did any editor even question the headlines that were being carelessly ushered out and more importantly, what kind of editor vetoed them? Do they need that seven or eight-year-old boy to lead them towards enlightenment? 

On Monday, I immediately picked up on the way this story was being broadcast and I Tweeted about my fury at the reckless reporting of one person’s life and death. The replies shocked me. “How is it sexist?” one user asked me. Others suggested that L’Wren wasn’t well known enough to be afforded a headline of her own. People were genuinely trying to explain to me, in the most rational of manners, that it makes sense to refer to Scott as “Mick Jagger’s girlfriend” because that is all that people know her as. Someone even suggested that it’s totally acceptable because (unlike me, presumably), not everyone has “a passion for fashion.” I had to stop replying because the idiocy was infuriating and people were losing sight of the bigger issue – a woman had taken her own life and died having so much more to give. Obviously, there is an important discussion to be had on mental health and I am aware that there are millions of people who tragically face Scott’s fate and only time and hope will tell if her death was in vain. I really hope it wasn’t.

I don’t want to dwell on the Twitter debate, but the worrying acceptance of the deplorable headlines really shocked me. This wasn’t even a question of feminism, or sexism, it was a question of basic humanity. Are people actually for real? Above all else, L’Wren was a human, who was both gifted and tortured and she deserved the respect of being called by her name and not degradingly termed as someone’s possession. Thankfully,  Forbes‘ Clare O’Connor quickly jumped into the Twitter debate to appropriately offer, “Her name was L’Wren Scott and she was accomplished”, in reply to apathetic and thoughtless news headlines.  Her suicide has, of course, left her loved ones reeling with grief and one can only offer immense sympathy to Jagger, who has lost his “lover and best friend.”

L’Wren is undoubtedly worthy of all the wonderful character descriptions now posthumously bestowed upon her by various tributes and she was indeed the girlfriend of Mick Jagger, but the latter never defined her. Her relationship was part of the sum of her being, never the whole. If mainstream media is so casually dismissive of such basic human respect, then I hope I’m not valuing my own voice too highly (and I really do not intend to) when I say that it needs to get a grip and cop on. For God’s sake, L’Wren Scott was more than someone’s girlfriend and I hope that now she is finally at peace. 


Wardrobe Raid feat. My Mother

Long time, no blog, isn’t that what they say? Or something like that? Today, I decided to get back into the blogging game after a little Californian sabbatical! Here’s a little fun post about my mother’s extensive clothing collection, which seems to have nestled its way into every wardrobe in the house, as if by ~ osmosis ~.


“I’m a big monochrome fan and I love the length of this skirt.”

Favourite high street store, Mother Dearest?

Zara. Without a doubt! It’s always so on-point. I love French Connection as well, even though their prices are at the higher end of the market, but their quality is spot on!


“This is actually a seasons old dress from Spanish brand Oky Coky. I would never wear it anymore so I decided to throw this cheap-as-chips shirt around it. I am a little concerned that it’s a little “Stepford Wives”, but if you can’t be a little Stepfordish when you’re nearly 50, when can you be? I also love the Valentino vibes off these shoes I picked up in Penneys the other day!”

Favourite designer?

Saint Laurent is beautiful. I’m also loving everything Victoria Beckham produces and her Victoria line is dreamy! Alice Temperley is exquisite also!


“This is my go-to French Connection tuxedo blazer and I worked everything around these shoes. Keeping it simple with a statement necklace and some Michael Kors arm candy.”

Mother, do you have a celebrity style crush?

Olivia Palermo has the most impeccable sense of style. Millie Mackintosh has a great look as well and if I were 30 years younger, I’d hope to dress like her. With regards Irish style, I think Angela Scanlon and Laura Whitmore lead the pack with stunning ensembles every time!


“I bought this French connection dress this summer and I love the fit and colour of it. These Zara heels that I picked up in Spain last year work perfectly for it, but I may need to find some alternatives for the coming winter months!”

Any pet fashion peeves?

Anything with an obvious logo emblazoned across your chest. Why advertise a company if you’re not getting paid to do so? Of course, hand me a Celine tee and I take this all back!


“I am obsessed with blazers and I thought that this Zara one was fun! It’s great to just throw over the most basic of outfits.”

Favourite websites?

I recently got into Pinterest, which is so addictive! Especially around Fashion Week. I spend hours ogling collections!


“The boots are Louboutin, so consequently everything else is high street, apart from the DKNY bag. (Jamie, your father better not read this!) This is a look I would wear day-to-day or going for lunch with friends. It’s relaxed and casual and I’d pull it together with a leather jacket.”

Anything items you’re lusting over?

I would love a Victoria Beckham dress from the Icon collection. But a Chanel clutch would also do the trick!


“These brocade trousers are by Vila and I love them! I also love the in-your-face colour combo of the top half of this outfit!”


In Praise of Cheryl | Jamie Tuohy


As promised, here is the poem I wrote for Cheryl Cole, in the hope that come tomorrow, November 1, when she does her monthly follows, she will hit my follow button! I wrote this for her the night before I met her and tried to incorporate her song lyrics into it. It’s a mega-cheese-fest, but it has lots of Cheryl-references, from her Blackberry emoticon addiction, to her beloved dogs. (The writing in bold is her song lyrics).


Twas the night before Cheryl and all through the house,

Jamie was hyper, like a big girl’s blouse…


When you disco-danced with the lights down low,

My love for you Cheryl, began to grow,

The nine-year-old me saw a gorgeous young Geordie,

What did the neighbours say? Probably, “Oh Lordy!”


You didn’t speak French, mais j’adore votre part,

As the years went on, you became the nation’s sweetheart,

‘Fight For This Love’ had me all in a flutter,

I loved it as much as you love Coco and Buster!


As you topped the charts time and time again,

I laughed when you became ‘Cheryl Push 10’,

The smile on your face and the cheeky wink from your eye,

Cheryl, when it comes to your beauty, it’s not ‘Better to Lie’.


You’re gorgeous and humble, and bag loads of fun,

Meeting you is the best thing ‘Under the Sun’,

I’m an Irish soldier and a massive fan,

If you follow me on Twitter, cue the *BBM Dancing Man*.

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In celebration of Caroline Flack’s addiction to shorts

Caroline Flack is one beautiful woman, and she has some of the best legs in the business. Therefore, it’s no surprise that she regularly (read as constantly) takes to wearing shorts to show off her shapely pins. It isn’t hard to see why a certain boy band member was attracted to this oh so Styles-ish TV presenter, as her sui generis addiction to shorts has become her celebrated trademark.

Let’s take a look at Caroline’s nougarclobber:

*Nougar: a new breed of COUGAR. As opposed to their leopard print wearing, collagen-enhanced counterparts, the nougar is a newly divorced, 30 something-year-old, with a penchant for college teens. You will recognise them through their penchant for pastel colours, Peter Pan collars and Topshop caparisons.


Russell Brand to be Charged – Jamie Tuohy


Russell Brand will be charged after smashing a paparazzo’s iPhone.

The British actor and comedian will face prosecution after New Orleans law enforcement officials decided to charge the star with misdemeanour criminal damage. If Russell is found guilty, he could face up to six months in prison. However it’s widely believed that he will claim provocation, insisting that he was provoked by the paparazzo.

Brand handed himself into authorities in March, following the incident and explaining his actions on Twitter said, “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.”

Russell snatched the iPhone from a photographer, and threw it into a nearby window, as he was walking down a New Orleans street. He caused $240 worth of damage, and while it was initially believed that he could face a felony charge, the damage wasn’t sufficient to warrant such a charge.

It is reported that Brand has hired a high-powered New Orleans lawyer, Robert Glass to fight his case. There had been conflicting reports on whether or not Russell would be charged, but it was confirmed today that the New Orleans District Attorney’s office had decided to proceed with prosecution. 


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“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes”.

On the Road was first published in 1957 and it is the second novel by Jack Kerouac. Its publication marked a turning point in post-war literature, as Kerouac’s tale of jazz, sex, poetry, drugs and a tainted American dream became the definitive essence of the Beat Generation – a generation which Kerouac himself is the prime exemplar. On the Road is for the most part, a largely autobiographical novel, recanting the exploits of Jack Kerouac’s cross-country adventure through post-war America. The novel…

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[ew_image url="http://img2-1.timeinc.net/ew/i/2012/05/21/on-the-road_320.jpg" credit="" align="left"]In On the Road, Walter Salles’ reverent, at times almost painfully faithful adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s birth-of-the-Beat-spirit novel, the characters are always getting high on one thing or another, and I don’t just mean drugs — though they do smoke weed and dissolve Benzedrine into their coffee. They also go to after-hours clubs and listen to twisty ecstatic jazz, their bodies shaking and writhing as the music works its way inside them. They have a lot of sex, too, some of it pretty exposed (hello, NC-17!): On a car ride to nowhere, Sal (Sam Riley), the Kerouac character, who is eager but recessive — a boy-man taking careful stock of everything he drinks in — gets naked in the front seat along with Dean (Garret Hedlund), the Neal Cassady life-force stud narcissist, and Marylou (Kristen Stewart), Dean’s naively game young ex-wife, who is seated, also naked…

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Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule, better known as British rapping duo Rizzle Kicks have seen their profile rise immensely in the last year, due to their collaboration with Olly Murs on his No. 1 single  “Heart Skips a Beat” and tracks like “Mama Do The Hump” achieving massive chart success for the Brighton-born brothers.


Rizzle Kicks

Their debut album Stereo Typical features the brothers’ fresh Hip Hop sound, and their fashion sense is equally as urban and Hip Hop as their music. They wear colourful hoodies, baseball caps, retro shirts and bright plimsolls, and while their look might sound familiar, the way they wear their clothes is anything but. With a distinct 90s feel to their get up, their look is also young and fresh.


The brothers' fashion sense is just as fresh as their music

Here’s how to achieve a similar look to Rizzle Kicks:


Long Sleeve Whatt Shirt - €53.32 Asos.com


Red Berry LA Print Sweatshirt - £26 River Island Online

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